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Lionel TRAN

November 18th - December 20th 2022

Sculptures, boat hull extracts and bas-reliefs

Publication of a book at Editions des Falaises (2022)

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The adventure we started with Lionel Tran two years ago continues with a new exhibition (November 18th - December 20th 2022) that we look forward to sharing with you and which is accompanied by the publication of a book that is dedicated to him at the Editions des Falaises.

You had met a steel sheet sculptor, a marvelous colorist, inspired by maritime adventures, incredible ships visited in childhood: The sheet of steel that folds, suggests a weld, a curve, a structure.

You will discover Lionel Tran-painter who launched himself, always guided by metal, into the creation of shell extracts and bas-reliefs that can be hung on the walls like real paintings. A compendium of… Read more

"Beauty is in the eye of the one who looks"

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