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Séverine Plat-Monin

March 8th - April 8th 2023


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Séverine PLAT-MONIN, a very talented sculptor, had not exhibited her work for four years at the Gallery. In love with nature, captivated by animal art and faithful to her passion for birds, new creations were born from her hands (bamboos, bears, owls and flight of swallows, etc.) that you can admire at GALERIE 26 from March 8 to April 8.

During her years of sculpture workshops that she has been attending since adolescence, Séverine Plat-Monin will write: I have measured how much creating can be a breath, a salvation, a deep truth. A connection to the world, to what participates in being in its feelings, its spirituality.

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"Beauty is in the eye of the one who looks"

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