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July 8th - September 8th 2024

Summer exhibition - Oils on canvas


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For this summer exhibition, it is still a painting bold and luminous, disconcerting and timeless for this insatiable artist whose goal is to devote even more time and temperament to the development of his work.

In each pictorial feat shines through the expressiveness of the colored contrasts of Titian, the melted light of Giorgione or the chiaroscuro of Bellini, the splendor of the skies of Tiepolo. But beyond these learned heritages and this proven virtuosity, there is now an increasingly affirmed freedom and an uninhibited pleasure (Séverine Plat-Monin - Extract from the preface of the book Jean Arcelin published in 2023).

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"Beauty is in the eye of the one who looks"

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