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Philippe Charles Jacquet

Philippe Charles Jacquet was born in Paris in 1957.

As a child, he discovered the banks of the river Rance.

Since then, he walks on the riversides and navigates in it,  drawing his inspiration along with the current and near houses of granite, shores at low tide.

His strong experience as an architect helps him to subtly structure space between heaven and earth, top and sea. Poetic layout of elements stops time and our eyes in a moment of hesitation ../..

Dreamy solitude or quiet presence. The human is no more than a detail hanged from reflection, as a nonchalant walker, a motionless fisherman or a lighted window, immersed figure in transcended landscapes.

Mist of cliffes, streched horizon, waves of wheats, a perched refuge and life of isolation. A lighthouse or a village in front of vastness invite us to dream.  

Poster Philippe Charles Jacquet

From 2021/09/16 to 2021/10/16

Poster Philippe Charles Jacquet

From 2019/09/08 to 2019/10/08

Poster Philippe Charles Jacquet

From 2017/09/02 to 2017/10/04

Poster Philippe Charles Jacquet

From 2016/09/08 to 2016/10/08